Sustainable Tourism Plans & Audits

Our background in local economic development and impact assessment helps us to work with communities to find sustainable tourism options that both benefit the local economy and protect important ecological, cultural, and community values of the local area. We help communities and developers to generate market driven tourism that promote greater economic benefits for local people and enhance the well-being of host communities. We have developed effective processes for involving local people in decisions that affect their lives, builds local pride and confidence and improves the general quality of life. Tourism can help diversify a local economy and make a positive contribution to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage. We help to develop more enjoyable experiences for tourists through more meaningful connections with local people, and a greater understanding of local cultural, social and environmental issues. Done well, tourism is culturally sensitive and builds respect between tourists and hosts.

Our sustainable tourism work has included:

• Sustainable tourism strategies and development plans
• Arts, culture and recreation plans
• Attraction/business feasibility studies
• Project impact analyses including social, cultural and ecological values
• Site concept plans and designs
• Trail Planning, wayfinding and signage development

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Guidebooks, Toolkits and Publications

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Travel and Tourism Research Association Boeing Award
EcoPlan received this award for “Sustainable Tourism Planning with Multiple Objective Decision Analysis: A Case Study of the Guimara Farm Tourism Pilot Project.”

EcoTourism Showcase Award
The EcoTourism Showcase award recognizes excellence in organizations supporting ecotourism in the Americas. EcoPlan was a contributor to the project which one this award for work in the Maquipucuna Reserve, an 11,000-acre private reserve founded in 1988 to protect one of the last remaining patches of cloud forest in northwestern Ecuador. This ecotourism project was implemented in association with the Fundación Maquipucuna, a local conservation organization, as an alternative to resource depletion.