Our Why

Integrity | Respect

We wake up each morning, and by the time we have had our coffee, we are excited to make the world a better place.

To do that, we start with integrity and respect. We believe in listening first. We have seen how arrogance can undermine success. We understand that the world is messy, complex and fascinating. We are curious, we want to dive in and help out.

We know from our experience that better, more durable solutions come from working together to make sense out of that chaos. We want to share and build capacity.

We lean on our experience and techniques to formalize common sense and let values drive process. It all starts with collaboration, embraces diverse values and finishes with a sustainable path forward. The future is inspiring.

Amidst the hard work, uncertainty, challenges and trade-offs – we think planning should be fun and is a chance to build meaningful relationships.

We want to be the pragmatic vanguard. There are new and innovative tools, useful research, emerging theory, creative communication and human-centered design that make being on the cutting edge of planning the place to be. We end with progress and hope.

We go to bed each night not trying to foresee our common future, but thinking about how we can enable it.