Active Transportation in Canada: a Resource and Planning Guide

EcoPlan developed a resource and planning guide for Transport Canada geared towards planners and related professionals to accommodate, promote, and support Active Transportation (AT) in current and long-range planning and development. The guide provides a review of active transportation in Canada, a summary of best practices and key principles, and a strategic planning approach for developing active transportation projects and incorporating active transportation into municipal policy.

This guide’s planning framework is organized around EcoPlan’s ten step planning approach. The approach has four phases that correspond to the key planning questions each section asks – What is happening? What matters most? What can we do about it? Are we doing it? Answering these questions requires guide users to go through a corresponding set of individual planning steps that will help determine:

  • The current AT situation, opportunities and trends in the local area;
  • Priority areas for action;
  • Strategies and actions to respond to community priorities; and,
  • How to monitor and evaluate AT activities to support future project development.