Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park Area Development Plan

Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park (BCHP) is the largest aboriginal-owned and operated tourism attraction in Canada. EcoPlan was retained by Canadian Badlands Limited to identify and assess economic development and tourism opportunities in and around BCHP and the Canadian Badlands Region. Project work incorporated an extensive body of past planning work carried out by Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park (BCHP) and utilized a participatory planning approach that involved the larger Siksika community and senior BCHP staff. The BCHP Area Development Plan project included two distinct components:


  • Community Tourism Profile: EcoPlan completed a community tourism profile in July 2010. The document included an overview of current BCHP operations, facilities and visitation, an inventory of regional tourism attractions and infrastructure, a review of local and provincial tourism markets and trends, and a gap analysis of the BCHP area. This profile was used to inform and guide the next project component and assist in the evaluation and selection of site development opportunities.
  • Tourism Opportunity Study and Area Development Plan Concept: The project’s second component was a stakeholder-driven identification, assessment, and prioritization of potential tourism development opportunities for BCHP. The project committee went through a structured decision-making process to identify and prioritize key tourism development opportunities that could be implemented to benefit both BCHP and the Siksika Nation economically, culturally, socially, and environmentally. The plan presents a series of short-term “quick start” recommendations and three long-term tourism product development opportunities.