Land Use Planning & GIS

EcoPlan has years of experience working with local governments, First Nations, and non-profits and NGOs to develop land use plans, master plans, facility development plans, and neighbourhood development plans. We offer GIS mapping and our entire kit of community engagement and communication tools to support:

• Regional Growth Strategies
• Land Use Plans
• Development visualizations
• Growth capacity analysis
• Scenario modelling
• Facility siting
• Highest and Best Use Studies
• Site planning and Feasibility studies
• Village and neighbourhood plans
• Transportation and mobility plans


Guidebooks, Toolkits and Publications

Siting Major Public Facilities: Facts, Values and Accountability
Journal of Urban Planning and Development

Health Impact Assessment Guidebook and Toolkit
Metro Vancouver, PlanH


Tla’amin Land Use Plan
2010 Planning Institute of B.C. Award for Excellence in Comprehensive Planning & Policy

Cowichan Tribes Community Transportation Plan and Mobility Plan
2016 Canadian Institute of Planners Award for Planning Excellence in Aboriginal Community Planning