Surrey Biodiversity Conservation Strategy: Consultation

Working in partnership with Diamond Head Consulting, we recently launched a project to help develop a Biodiversity Conservation Strategy for the City of Surrey. EcoPlan will be managing the public consultation aspect of this exciting project, involving a series of stakeholder group meetings and a public open house to get Surrey residents engaged in thinking […]

Bike Showers: A key factor in encouraging active transportation?

A recent study of cyclists in Washington, DC has found that the presence of “trip-end facilities” can make a big difference in encouraging cycling. Where showers, change rooms and parking were available at workplaces, workers were found to be 4.86 times more likely to commute by bike, compared with workplaces with none of these facilities […]

Celebrating with our EcoPlan Family

Once a year we try to find a night to gather our big, wonderful EcoPlan family for a night of catching up and relaxing on Vancouver’s beautiful beaches. We managed to luck out on a gorgeous summer night this past week. Big thanks to everyone who made it out. We are lucky to have such […]

Lunch Meet: See you next Thursday?

Went and checked out the first “Lunch Meet” event today. Gorgeous day for some public gathering and outdoor lunch. Lunch Meet is part of the Viva Vancouver program, put on by the Hastings Crossing BIA, and the Vancouver Public Space Network in partnership with Space 2 Place – great ideas, great folks. It’s on every […]