Our Approach

Our approach to community planning and engagement
is guided by the following principles.

Any successful plan, strategy, or engagement initiative builds on and incorporates the interests, values, and vision of the organization leading the work.

Our team strongly believes in the power of collaboration. The best ideas are generated when a diverse group of people come together, bringing different perspectives, approaches, and expertise to address a given issue. Working together and drawing on each other’s strengths, EcoPlan provides a wealth of expertise in engaging communities of all kinds using a range of tools, technologies, and creative engagement methods.

We understand that meaningful, participatory engagement is at the root of successful planning initiatives. Meaningful engagement requires the ability to skillfully work with difference and conflict in groups, creating a process and container that channels any potential disagreement into innovative ideas and solutions.
We understand that effective stakeholder engagement involves actually using the information and input provided by stakeholders in the project process and outcomes. Our firm is widely recognized for our integration of award-winning engagement and facilitation methods with rigorous technical analysis and innovative structured decision-making approaches to achieve effective results.
EcoPlan has been a team leader on many complex and time-sensitive engagement-focused projects for a range of clients. Through our experience, we have developed team and project management systems that ensure quality projects are delivered on time and on budget. Our approach involves consistent contact between the client and the project manager, to ensure that information is always current and that the activities of the consultant team remain in step with the needs of the client.