Our Approach

Our Values Are Part of Our Cultural DNA at EcoPlan

We are committed and passionate… acting with integrity and respect… and embracing the humility that comes with experience. 

These are the guiding principles for the way we work with our clients, partners, and each other.

We start every project by listening to find out what is important. Successful plans and strategies build on the interests and values of those who will be part of making it happen. This understanding helps ensure that existing aspirations frame the planning process and are used to help prioritize actions.

We are better together. We strongly believe in the power of collaboration through participatory engagement. The best ideas are generated when a diverse group of people come together, bringing different perspectives, approaches, and expertise to address a given issue. Working together and drawing on each other’s strengths, EcoPlan provides a wealth of expertise in engaging communities of all kinds (Interest, Action, Place, Practice, Circumstance) using a range of tools, technologies, and creative engagement methods.

We step in where expertise is needed. Good plans require good information. We have a range of professional skill sets that provide rigorous analysis, cutting-edge research, innovative ideas and over 25 years of organizational experience. 
Our team’s planning approach recognizes that all planning is more effective if it is strategic. This is because no matter the type of planning, all of it is ultimately about making the best decisions possible.
Successful plans and strategies are understood and fulfilled. We do not want to be part of a process that generates a “laundry list” and then gathers dust on a shelf. Our planning approach involves the people who will be implementing the plan and provides them with the implementation architecture to make it happen. When necessary, we also provide “surge capacity” to kick start actions through project management, training and grant writing.