EcoPlan honoured with two CIP Awards for Planning Excellence

EcoPlan International has been selected as the winner of two (out of eight!) Awards for Planning Excellence from the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP).  EcoPlan won Awards for Planning Excellence for Planning Publications and Aboriginal Community Planning and Development. We would like to give a huge “Thank You” to our project partners, with whom we share […]

Kwicksutaineuk Haxwa`mis First Nation receives $120,000 of funding for Bighouse, EcoTourism

Back in 2007, EcoPlan had the honour of working with Kwicksutaineuk Haxwa`mis First Nation (KHFN) on their first Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP). The plan focused on the redevelopment Gwa-yas-dums, their homeland village located on Gilford Island on BC’s midcoast. A major elements of the CCP was to develop an ecotourism industry to replace the resource jobs […]