Client: Doig River First Nation

Date: 2012

Comprehensive Community Planning – when done well – can be a major “game-changer” for First Nations communities. This has been recognized by Doig River First Nation. To this end, the Doig River organized a one-day workshop with Community Trust members, staff and Chief and Council. The workshop was facilitated by EcoPlan and took a fresh look at Comprehensive Community Planning. Participants were walked through EcoPlan’s approach to CCPs, which is built around three key themes:

  • Strategic planning: making the best use of available resources, capacity and time;
  • Participatory planning: community-based, ground up planning with a strong capacity building focus where consultants typically act as technical resources and process  facilitators; and
  • Structured, values based decision making: incorporating both facts (i.e. technical and strategic considerations) and values (i.e., community values) in project decision-making, including the prioritization of project actions.