Animbiigoo Zaagi’igan Anishinaabek Land Use Plan

EcoPlan completed a comprehensive community plan for the Animbiigoo Zaagi’igan Anishinaabek (AZA). A formally landless community who negotiated their community’s land based in 2008, the plan focuses on this new area located at Partridge Lake, about three hours north of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Called Giiwedaa (which means “coming home” in Ojibwe) the development of the plan included a major community engagement component that involved AZA members living throughout five core communities in north-western Ontario. The final document includes eight short-term projects organized under the community-identified and prioritized development objectives that were honed over the course of the year it took to complete the plan. One of the eight priority projects – a Land Use Plan for Partridge Lake – was completed concurrently with the comprehensive community plan.