Xwisten Health and Safety Policy Manual

Date: 2015-2016

First Nations operations and businesses are complex in terms of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), as there are overlapping OHS regulations (federal and provincial) that apply. Xwísten’s situation wasfurther complicated in that their business and government operations were extremely varied (including office work, construction, forestry, firefighting,health care, and food services). EcoPlan worked with Xwísten to develop a tailored OHS plan that met the needs of their complex business and government operations while complying with all relevant regulations. The project included the development of an OHS Policy, descriptions of all potential hazards and worksafe practices, forms and checklists, and an overall OHS program for Xwísten’s operations (e.g., committees, responsibilities, record keeping, training and onboarding programs, safety equipment, procedures, and other aspects). Recognizing that the success of the program depends on employees using it as described, EcoPlan worked with Xwísten to make an otherwise content heavy and technical document accessible and user friendly through the use of icons, clear language, images and explanatory text boxes. The OHS Program was set up as a flexible document that could evolve over time with the operational needs of Xwísten, and as the Occupational Health and Safety Committee gained experience and grew.