Euchelon SEA Review

Date: 2015

EPI, on behalf of the First Nations Fisheries Council, conducted a technical review of DFO’s A Socio-Economic Analysis of the Potential Impacts of Adding Two Endangered Eulachon as part of the Species at Risk Act. The DFO report responds to a regulatory order that was triggered by the need for a cost-benefit analysis when considering listing a species under SARA, as per the 2012 Government of Canada Cabinet Directive on Regulatory Management. This review evaluates the quality of the DFO report’s socio-economic analysis as defined by the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat’s Canadian Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) Guide: Regulatory Proposals to undertake socio-economic analysis.2 The following review also discusses First Nations specific concerns, broadly applied, and more appropriate methods for preparing a CBA when First Nations are affected.