Buffalo Lake Cultural Education and Contemporary Skills Development

Date: 2016-2017

Building on a Traditional Land Use (TLU) and Historical Communities (HC) Study completed in 2004, the Buffalo Lake Métis Settlement (BLMS) hired EcoPlan to develop and facilitate an educational program exploring Métis culture, history and migration though mapping technologies. With input from BLMS teachers, researchers and community historians, EcoPlan developed curriculum and materials for two courses, both targeted to high school students; a 10- day interactive storytelling course in which students use the TLU and HC material to build basic skills in mapping, mapping technology and digital storytelling, and a 5- day geocaching course to explore Métis culture and history on the land, while developing navigational skills. Both courses seek to increase BLMS youth’s interest and pride in their land and culture, both past and present, as well as educating members about traditional uses of the land, disseminating information collected in the TLU and HC studies, and engaging youth.