Central Okanagan Regional Growth Strategy Preliminary Consultation Process

Date: 2010-2011

EPI was engaged by the Regional District of Central Okanagan to support the preliminary consultation process for its Regional Growth Strategy review process. This work included the development and implementation of an education and awareness campaign around the Regional Growth Strategy project and the broader regional sustainability issues it will explore. The process began with the development of a stand-alone project workbook that communicated the regional vision, key issues/priorities, and ideas for action. This workbook was disseminated by community groups and stakeholders to the public, who responded to key issues by weighting priority strategy options. The workbook was available online, in print, and via a website that EPI developed. Input from the workbook was used to support an Elected Officials Forum where a final regional vision was adopted. The Elected Officials Forum featured the use of instant surveys on key issues through an Audience Response Systems (ARS), to quickly gather and communicate the views of forum participants, and facilitate decision-making.