Climate Change and Health Backgrounders

Date: 2016-2017

EcoPlan worked with the BC Ministry of Health and the BC Climate Action Secretariat to produce a series of factsheets designed to communicate the health risks of climate change to four key audience groups in the province (local governments and decision-makers, frontline health care workers, public health practitioners, and health care facility operations staff). The five-part series was developed to illustrate actions that people working in community and public health can take to build adaptive capacity and increase community resilience in the face of increasing health risks due to climate change. Given the complexity of the subject matter and the limited space available on each fact sheet, a core project objective was to strike the right balance between technical information provision and accessibility, without overwhelming potential users. To achieve this effect, we used eye-catching infographics and plain language. The work also included the development of a supporting Narrative Report that summarized and assessed population health outcomes of climate change in a BC context.