Comox Valley Regional District Regional Growth Strategy

Date: 2011-2013

Working with a larger consultant team, EcoPlan helped lead the development of a Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) for the Comox Valley Regional District. The RGS is unique in its use of clear, objective-based measures for its policy sections. These indicators are clearly linked to and coordinated with both the RGS’s monitoring and evaluation component, and are integrated to other regional strategies, including the region’s voluntary Sustainability Strategy which the RGS will help implement. EcoPlan co-managed the project, including the project’s broad-based community engagement component, which included an innovative participatory video component and other engaging outreach. EcoPlan led the project’s economic development, mapping, housing and population and demographics components. The RGS included a substantial number of integrated active transportation policies in its housing, transportation, climate change, economic development and health policy chapter.