Coquitlam River Flood Management Process

Date: 2012-2013

Cowichan Tribes, the largest First Nation in BC, worked with EcoPlan to create a pair of guiding planning documents for the community – a Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) and Land Use Framework. Initial meetings identified that Cowichan Tribes lacked a trained and experienced community planner. Throughout the project we worked closely with their Referral Coordinator and the project planning team (one youth, one planning assistant) to provide mentoring and training in planning through project activities. Extensive community engagement and outreach included three open houses, numerous community BBQs, door to door surveys, and meetings with staff and Council. Leading the land use component, EcoPlan’s work included a development capability analysis of both Band-owned and individually owned (Certificate of Possession) properties and the creation of several potential land uses designations for future planning work.