First Nations Engagement in the Capital Regional District’s Regional Sustainability Strategy

Date: 2013-2016

The Capital Regional District (CRD) is in the process of updating its Regional Growth Strategy to a Regional Sustainability Strategy (RSS), which will have a stronger emphasis on regional economic, social and environmental sustainability. Recognizing that the success of regional planning requires strong partnerships with all regional stakeholders, the CRD is working with EcoPlan to conduct RSS engagement activities for the 10 First Nations with lands in the CRD.  EcoPlan is working with each First Nation to develop a customized engagement strategy that accommodates their level of interest, time availability and resources. In addition to making the RSS more reflective of the needs of the community, other goals of the project are to discover common areas of interest, build relationships, and dramatically improve the way CRD Regional Planning engages with First Nations on matters of mutual concern.