Healthy Communities Legislative Comparison Survey

Date: 2013

In early 2012, Healthy Canada by Design CLASP partners, including CIP and the Heart and Stroke Foundation, commissioned a Healthy Communities Practice Guide and three facts sheets, which EPI produced. These documents were produced to help public health practitioners, planners and policy-makers to integrate relevant and recent findings from scientific research into their work. In 2013, EPI again worked with the CIP to follow up and determine how planners have used these documents in provinces across the country, learning more about planning for healthy communities in Canada. As part of this new mandate, the CIP Healthy Communities Subcommittee surveyed 15 full members from Affiliates across Canada to better understand the legislative and regulatory differences, opportunities and constraints that are affecting planners in their healthy communities work.  The survey analysis and summary report were presented to CIP council and the findings are being used to prioritize CIP work related to planning for healthy communities.