Tl’etinqox Comprehensive Community Plan

Date: 2016+

EcoPlan is currently working with the Tl’etinqox Government to develop a Comprehensive Community Plan that will outline a vision for Tl’etinqox’s future, and establish a plan for how to get there. Though the plan itself is still under development, this project has involved a substantial amount of community engagement. Our approach since the beginning has been to ground engagement activities in existing community practices and ways of being, while adding creative elements along the way. To date, activities have included community circles facilitated by a local therapist who is deeply invested in the community, men’s and women’s nights, a community survey delivered by community members, and more. When complete, the plan will outline “big picture” strategies to address issues in all aspects of community life, including governance, lands and resources, infrastructure and facilitates, health, education, social issues, and economic development.