Kaniki Point

Date: 2007-2010

William Trousdale provided expert witness testimony on this project that is still moving its way through the courts.The Kikino Métis Settlement commissioned EcoPlan to conduct a compensation analysis for net damages resulting from the development of petroleum resources on the Settlement. Direct and widespread changes from petroleum-related activities have impacted, and continue to impact, many important traditional environmental and cultural values to the Kikino Métis. EcoPlan employed a broad range of research and analysis techniques, including community engagement, scientific field research and traditional use and oral history research to evaluate on-going impacts and cumulative effects of petroleum operations. EcoPlan used multi-attribute utility techniques to determine non-market values at Kikino, and used a swing weighting method to establish relative changes in values experienced by Kikino members. Dollar values were then allocated to the weighted non-market values, and checked by widely respected expert Dr. Timothy McDaniels of the University of British Columbia. The results of the research and analysis indicate that the Métis at Kikino are now greatly under-compensated for on-going impacts and cumulative effects directly attributable to the petroleum industry.