Monitoring and Evaluation for Regional Growth Strategy Implementation

Date: 2012

Working with the Regional District of North Okanagan on their M&E Strategy, EcoPlan created a best practice example for all Regional Districts of a successful RGS-specific M&E program – one that is participatory, has learning as a core objective, and that actively engages community members at various levels to be a part of the process. Employing EcoPlan’s specific expertise and rigour in M&E based on the application of decision science-based, participatory monitoring and evaluation methods, the program includes: 1) a participatory M&E data collection framework, process and indicators that take advantage of technology and social networks established during the development of the RGS that is replicable for other Regional Districts; and 2) a reporting system that both takes advantage of technology (e.g., by utilizing the Internet) and recognizes its limitations (i.e., 30% of North Okanagan residents do not have Internet access). The quality of the work was recognized by project sponsor the Real Estate Foundation with a spotlight article on their website.