Peavine Métis Settlement Non-market Value Analysis

Date: 2000-2002

The Peavine Métis Settlement commissioned EcoPlan to conduct a value analysis to determine a comprehensive dollar-based measure of compensation for non-market losses resulting from the construction and operation of the South Heart Reservoir. EcoPlan conducted interviews with Settlement members to explore the current and historical issues surrounding the Reservoir. This resulted in an analysis of the impacts from the South Heart Reservoir, traditional use maps indicating changes attributable to the reservoir, and oral histories from elders and members outlining key issues and values. EcoPlan held a valuation workshop with a representative group of Settlement members where numerical, descriptive and graphic measures were established to indicate changes to fundamental values. Although a comprehensive dollar figure for compensation losses was the original project objective, Settlement members expressed that their intent was not primarily remuneration, but to secure access and use of land and resources to promote socioeconomic betterment and self-sufficiency, as well as opportunities to practice traditional activities.