Regional Economic Partnership Initiative

Date: 2016+

EcoPlan is currently working with the SLRD, District of Lillooet, SLRD Area A and B, and the six Northern St’at’imc communities on the development of a regional economic collaboration model. This project will bring together the stakeholder governments at the leadership level to find ways to align their work on economic development, look for joint project opportunities, and share information. Despite a clear and recognized need for regional collaboration, there are several challenges to working together, including physical distance, historical mistrust, the need for relationship building, and a lack of clarity around where to start. To address this, the project is beginning with a series of in-depth interviews with each government to understand context and desires for regional collaboration.  During the 1.5 years of the project, the group will explore and determine the best form of collaboration for the region, which could include informal meetings, a non-profit society, a for-profit economic development office, staff level working groups or other models.