Surrey Bicycle Recreation Facilities Strategy

Date: 2007-2008

To help better manage new bicycle recreation demands (i.e., off-road, urban mountain bike and BMX riding), EcoPlan led a project to develop a comprehensive Bicycle Recreation Facilities Strategy for the City of Surrey. The project resulted in guidelines for the development and provision of new facilities, the upgrading of existing “informal” facilities, and maintenance and operating requirements of these facilities over the short-, medium- and long-terms. One component of the project was the identification of bicycle corridor called the “Green Line,” a 76 kilometre off-road bicycle network currently in development which can be used by both recreational and commuter cyclists to access new bicycle facilities, places of work and Surrey’s on-street bicycle network. The project involved a comprehensive review and survey of the City of Surrey’s 500+ parks to identify potential facility sites, site analyses, and numerous creative and engaging public outreach activities, including the Bike Fest, which was Surrey Park’s best-attended open house activity.