Surrey Biodiversity Conservation Strategy

Date: 2012

EcoPlan, in partnership with Diamond Head Consulting, developed the City of Surrey’s leading edge Biodiversity Conservation Strategy (BCS). The work was built on past planning initiatives, including the Ecosystem Management Study and Surrey’s Sustainability Charter. The results of this project informed large scale community planning, as well as secondary plans and regulatory tools. The outcomes of the BCS include: a green infrastructure network for the City as well as management and policy options to help Surrey optimize biodiversity in its rapidly growing urban landscape. Ultimately, the results informed the development of tools and decision-making frameworks which in turn helped City staff make clear, consistent and rigorous decisions around biodiversity conservation and enhancement and provide greater certainty for all stakeholders. EcoPlan led the public consultation component of this project, including a series of meetings with a stakeholder working group, a public open house and outreach through social media, the web and traditional media outlets.