Tri-Nations Environmental Initiative – Feasibility Study and Business Model

Date: 2016

EcoPlan worked with the Tri-Nations of Kitselas, Haisla and Kitsumkalum to identify the economic opportunities available to the Tri-Nations in land reclamation, restoration, and environmental monitoring, as well as the human resource skills and assets of Tri-Nation citizens required to take advantage of those opportunities (i.e., education and training). EcoPlan worked closely with the Tri-Nations Environmental Initiative Working Group (including Mark Biagi from Kitsumkalum) to explore opportunities in the environmental services sector, develop potential business models, and conduct a decision-making session with staff and leadership from the three Nations to understand the opportunities and trade-offs inherent in each option. The project involved several forms of analysis (economic opportunity analysis, business model evaluation, skills inventory and gap analysis, etc.) and extensive consultation with staff.