Xwisten Highest and Best Use Study

Date: 2017

EcoPlan worked with Lillooet Salish Enterprises to conduct a Highest and Best Use (HBU) study for three properties that they own in Lillooet BC, including two commercial and one multi-purpose industrial site. The study included an economic base analysis of the Lillooet area, site analysis for each of the three sites (access, transportation, zoning, intensity, hazards,infrastructure, etc.), and supply and demand analysis for commercial,industrial and residential development in the area. We analysed potential site uses including leasing, renovating and expanding the sites and conducted market analysis, financial feasibility, and business case for each scenario, including ten year financial projections. EcoPlan conducted dozens of interviews with key economic and real estate actors in the area to understand the local context and opportunities, including BC Hydro, tourism operators, forestry companies, local government and others. Additional best practice research and innovation analysis was conducted that looked at unique opportunities and challenges for similar land parcels in other small, rural communities. The project concluded with the development of phased recommendations, business recruitment strategies, and marketing tools (posters, brochures, etc.).