Swinomish Coastal Climate Impacts: Community Health Impact Assessment

Date: 2016 -2017 As part of the Swinomish project on The Science for Sustainable and Healthy Tribes – Climate Change Impacts: Coastal Climate Impacts to First Foods, Cultural Sites, and Tribal Community Health and Well-being, Swinomish wanted to get community input on coastal climate impacts to community health and well-being, and to assess and prioritize […]

Congratulations Abbotsford!

Congratulations Abbotsford! Abbotsford has been named a Global Top7 Intelligent Community, 2019 We hope our support with your Economic Development Strategy and Innovation Forums contributed to this impressive honor: https://www.intelligentcommunity.org/the_intelligent_community_forum_names_the_global_top7_intelligent_communities_of_2019