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EcoPlan staff have written and co-authored many academic and professional publications. Please contact us  to get copies of these articles and publications or to discuss your related project.


Localizing a Just Transition: a Case Study of St. George, Alaska
Andreanne Doyon, Emerald O’Donnell, William Trousdale & R. George Pletnikoff
Ecology and Society Published November 30, 2023



A Comparison of Value-Weight-Elicitation Methods for Accurate and Accessible Participatory Planning
Lorien Nesbitt, Michael J. Meitner, Brent Chamberlain, Julian Gonzalez & William Trousdale
Sage Journals Published February 18, 2023


Use of Structured Decision Support for Valuing Lost Cultural Benefits Associated with Environmental Injuries
William Trousdale & David A. Hanson
WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment, Vol 245, © 2020 WIT Press., ISSN 1743-3541 (on-line). doi:10.2495/EID200111.


The “value” of values-driven data in identifying Indigenous health and climate change priorities
Jamie Donatuto, Larry Campbell & William Trousdale
Springer Link: Climatic Change; 2019.


Values-Based Measures of Impacts to Indigenous Health

Robin G., D. Easterling, N. Kaechele, W. Trousdale
Risk Analysis, Vol. 36, No. 8, 2016. DOI: 10.1111/risa.12533


Issue Papers and Policy Units of the Habitat III Conference

Primary contributing author of —  Area: 4 – Urban Economy; Policy Unit: 7. Urban Economic Development Strategies;  Issues Papers – 12. Local Economic Development 13. Jobs and Livelihoods 14. Informal Sector; UN HABITAT. 2015.


Indigenous Climate Change Adaptation Planning Using a Values-Focused Approach:A Case Study with the Gitga’at Nation

Reid, Michael G., Colleen Hamilton, Sarah K. Reid, William Trousdale, Cam Hill, Nancy Turner, Chris R. Picard, Cassandra Lamontagne, and H. Damon Matthews. 2014.
Journal of Ethnobiology 34 (3): 401–24. doi:10.2993/0278-0771-34.3.401


Defensible Decisions and Successful Outcomes: A Case Study of the
North Okanagan Regional Growth Strategy

William Trousdale, Rob Smailes, Anthony Kittell, Lorien Nesbitt, Michael J. Meitner, Brooke Marshall
Plan Canada, Summer 2014.


Development of a Support Tool for Complex Decision-Making in the Provision of Rural Maternity Care

Hearns, Glen, Klein, Michael, and William Trousdale, et. al.
Healthcare Policy, February 2010.


Compensating Aboriginal Cultural losses: An Alternative Approach to Assessing Environmental Damages

Gregory, R, and W Trousdale. 2009.
Journal of Environmental Management 90 (8): 2469–79.


Siting Major Public Facilities: Facts, Values and Accountability

Trousdale, William and Cheryl Nelms.
Journal of Urban Planning and Development, December 2009.


Hith Alis Lax Gwa-yas-dums Moving from Crisis to Hope at Gwa-yas-dums Village, Gilford Island, BC.

Trousdale, William, Cook, Jeffrey, and Chief Bob Chamberlin.
Plan Canada 48:2, 2008


Promoting Inclusive and Effective Local Economic Development: A Strategic Planning Approach

Trousdale, William and Gulelat Kebede.
UH-Habitat Forum. 2007.


Resource Compensation and Negotiation Support in an Aboriginal Context: Using Community-based Multi-attribute Analysis to Evaluate Non-market Losses

McDaniels, TL, and W Trousdale. 2005.
Ecological Economics 55 (2): 173–86.


Property Evaluation and Biodiversity Conservation: Decision Support for Making Hard Choices

Trousdale, William and R. Gregory.
Ecological Economics. V.48 (3). pp. 279-291. 2004.


Appropriate Tourism Impact Assessment: A Case Study of Kaniki Point Resort Palawan, Philippines

Trousdale, William.
Hosts and Guests Revisited: Tourism Issues of the 21st Century.
Editors: Valene L. Smith and Maryann Brent. 2001.


SIA of Private Forest Biodiversity: A Canadian Example 

Trousdale, William.
International Association for Impact Assessment Newsletter. April 2001

More Transparency, Accountability and Better Decision Making in British Columbia: An Overview of the FRBC’s Private Forest Biodiversity Program

Trousdale, William.
PIBC News, 24:2. April, 2001

Governance in Context

Trousdale, William.
Annals of Tourism Research. 26(4). 1999.


Value-Focused Thinking in a Difficult Context: Planning Tourism for Gulmaras, Philippines

McDaniels, Timothy L. and William Trousdale.
Interfaces-Journal of Operations Research and Management Science. 29(4) 1999.

Environmental Management in Coastal Marine Ecosystems: A Community Approach to Solid Waste Management

Trousdale, William.
Proceeding -1999 World Congress on Coastal and Marine Tourism. Vancouver, BC. 1999.

Environmental Management and Sustainable (Re)Development of Boracay Island

Trousdale, William.
Canadian Urban Institute. Toronto. 1998.

Developing Fair Compensation Structures

Trousdale, William.
Proceeding from: Structuring Joint Ventures and
Resource Development Arrangements between Aboriginal Communities and the Petroleum Industry. 1998

Tourism Develoment Control

Trousdale, William.
Pacific Tourism Review. V.2, pp. 91-96. 1998.


Developing Fair Compensation Structures

Trousdale, William.
Conference on Structuring Joint Ventures and Resource Development Arrangements 1998.


Carrying Capacity Considerations: The Need for Managing Change in a Unique Tourism Destination

Trousdale, William.
Philippines Department of Tourism and the Canadian Urban Institute-Philippines 1997.

Interdisciplinary Watershed Assessment in a Rapid Rural Context: A Case Study of the ‘Buffer Zone’ Communities Around Podocarpus National Park Ecuador, South America

Trousdale, William, and Jeffery Writer.
Environmental Planning Quarterly. V.14 No. 1. 1997.

Zero Waste Management: Towards a Sustainable Future for Boracay

Trousdale, William.
Canadian Urban Institute. Toronto. 1997.

Solid Waste Management Action Plan and Assessment: Guimaras Philippines

Trousdale, William.
Canadian Urban Institute. Toronto. 1997.

Carrying Capacity Considerations: The Need for Managing Change in a Unique Tourism Destination: Boracay Island, Philippines

Trousdale, William.
Canadian Urban Institute. Toronto. 1997.

Sustainable Tourism Planning for the Next Millennium

Trousdale, William.
Proceeding -1996 World Congress on Coastal and Marine Tourism. Honolulu. 1996.

Real Gains

Trousdale, William and Dan Conway.
Denver Corporate Connection. Vol. 7. No. 3. Dec./Jan., 1993.

Denver Positioned to Attract National Investors

Trousdale, William and Dan Conway.
Colorado Real Estate Journal. May 6, 1991