Climate Change Adaptation

Forward looking cities, regions and Indigenous communities are taking steps to understand and prepare for upcoming climate changes. EcoPlan provides a suite of services to help these communities identify and understand climate vulnerabilities and risks and to identify potential solutions and strategies to become more resilient in the face of coming challenges. These challenges include increased flooding from sea level rise, health challenges from rising temperatures, and infrastructure vulnerability from climate change related hazards.

As lead authors of one of the United Nation’s principal climate planning tools,  “Planning for Climate Change,” we know that climate change adaptation can require difficult decisions and trade-offs  that require both sound technical analysis and deep community engagement. EcoPlan provides overall climate change planning process support, as well as a depth of experience in engagement and structured decision making. We regularly coordinate the work of other experts as needed.

We have a range of climate change related experience including: 

• Vulnerability analysis
• Community engagement and participatory decision-making
• Adaptation strategy development
• Community education and awareness building
• Climate risk communications

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Climate 2050 Roadmap (Metro Vancouver Regional District)

Coastal Flood Adaptation Strategy (City of Surrey)

Coastal Adaptation Plan – Fraser River Foreshore (City of Vancouver)

Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap (Port of Vancouver)

Fraser River Flood Modelling Communications Support (Fraser Basin Council)

Climate Change and Health Backgrounders (Ministry of Health, Climate Action Secretariat)

Principles for Climate Action (UN Habitat)