Engagement & Facilitation

We are facilitation and process design professionals who listen first knowing each community and each client is different.

Engagement is about achieving informed and meaningful participation that yields results that make a difference. EcoPlan’s engagement and facilitation experience is rich and varied. We have facilitated complex projects with a diversity of communities and groups. Our team members are recognized for the quality and creativity of engagement methods and for gathering input that is used and fed back into projects. We work hard to engage all community members – youth, Elders and seniors, marginalized groups – and know that including their experience leads to better project outcomes.
We use a range of creative engagement methods supported by leading-edge comm­unication graphics through all project stages. From fun and interactive workshops to digital outreach and engagement, EcoPlan has been recognized with awards from IAP2 (International Association for Public Participation), the Canadian Institute of Planners, and others for the depth, range and effectiveness of our engagement and facilitation.