Planning is preparing for the future. It is about making priorities happen. Successful planning means being inclusive and understanding values, wants and needs; translating these into actions; and then matching them with the necessary resources.
Although planning is something we all do, it is not always easy. Things can quickly become complex as new information is generated and multiple interests are identified. Facts and values can get mixed up. Uncertainty and risk are not addressed. Planning processes can stall or be derailed by loud voices or lack of capacity. Unhelpful “laundry lists” get generated that end up collecting dust on a shelf rather than achieving action on the ground. These challenges are compounded by poorly structured or prescriptive ‘one-size-fits-all’ approaches.
From strategic plans to action plans, we have been committed to working with clients and communities for over 25 years – not only to avoid the pitfalls, but to achieve the highest standards in the profession. Our planning approach uses proven methods and cutting-edge tools to identify innovative options and achieve effective results.

“I could not be stronger in my recommendation in support of EcoPlan.”

Thomas Droege, Senior Advisor
Alberta Indigenous Relations


EcoPlan is not only a leader in developing plans, we have won awards and recognition for our guidebooks  and training. For example:

Comprehensive Community Planning Tookit: Finding Bimadizowin

Nishnawbe Aski Development Fund. 2017.

Strategic Planning Toolkit for Local Economic Development

BC Government. 2013

Planning For Climate Change: A Strategic, Values Based Approach For Urban Planners


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