Mt. Currie Village Planning

EcoPlan worked with Lil’wat Nation to create the design for the Mount Currie Village in British Columbia. The project explored design options for the future heart and centre of the Mt. Currie community by gathering input on values, guiding principles and options from residents and Nation Members.

Using a highly visual, creative and participatory approach based on structured decision support, the first two phases of the project set the site context and sought input from the community on options for their Village. Multiple rounds of engagement were used for input on designs, from a community survey to an informative primer, and an open house. EcoPlan’s primer for community members was a foundational communications and awareness building piece that will support future phases of development.

Guided by community input, the team used technical expertise to create multiple drawings and designs that supported community values such as cultural vitality, job and business opportunities, and a space for everyone. Overall, this project led to comprehensive site plans, development permit level site designs, and a detailed summary that led to workplans for development.