Musqueam – Various Projects

EcoPlan has worked with Musqueam First Nation since beginning a Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) in 2008. Winner of a 2011 provincial Award of Excellence for Planning Practice, Musqueam’s CCP was an ambitious multi-year project that included over 10 additional studies and strategies over the course of the four-year project, all the while maintaining core project momentum, community awareness, and, ultimately, strong support for the final CCP. The main plan, and related sub-plans, were developed using an engaging, community-driven planning approach that involved a wide range of members (on-reserve, off-reserve, Elders, youth, families) and community members.

In addition to the CCP, EcoPlan has worked with Musqueam on a number of other projects. We have supported community engagement around self-governance; developed a concept plan for the “heart of the community” on their main reserve; and created a land use plan for Musqueam reserve lands that includes guidance for their fee simple lands (some of which are located within the City of Vancouver). We have also:

  • developed an economic development plan;
  • provided community engagement support for the rezoning of a parcel settlement of land known as ‘Block F’ located in the University Endowment Lands near UBC;
  • supported a decision-making process around the use of Olympic Legacy Funds; a Recreation Plan;
  • carried out a design review of a major Community and Recreation Centre expansion; supported the review process of a site management plan for Marpole Midden;
  • facilitated numerous Council retreats;
  • supported administration and staff organizational development workshops; supported the creation and delivery of Musqueam’s 2010 census; and,
  • developed a conservation and site management plan for the St. Mungo archeological site as part of the South Fraser Perimeter Road project.


Much of this work has involved consultation and negotiations with other levels of government, including the City of Vancouver, Metro Vancouver, other municipalities in the region, and the Province. Most recently, EcoPlan helped Musqueam carry out their second Census in 2016 and carried out staff and member workshops on climate change and coastal flooding as part of the City of Vancouver’s Coastal Adaptation Plan – Fraser River Foreshore project.

Training & Capacity Building 

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