MAP Strathcona

With grant support from the Real Estate Foundation of BC, the Strathcona Business Improvement Association (SBIA) undertook a unique and innovative project to develop a Mobility Advocacy Plan (MAP) for the business district – the first of its kind in Canada. Incorporating the context of changing land-use plans and new developments within and adjacent to the mixed-use industrial/commercial/residential Strathcona neighbourhood, the project explored a range of transportation and mobility issues and solutions, including transit, curb side uses, active transportation, car and bike sharing opportunities and parking. EcoPlan worked with SBIA staff, members, committees and key transportation and mobility partners to determine the priority concerns and desired outcomes and to identify actions that SBIA could undertake with partners to address them. Over the 8-month project period, the SBIA engaged with over 260 people, including 70 members.

The resulting plan is a community-based vision and action plan that the SBIA and implementing partners are actively pursuing to achieve shared mobility objectives for the Strathcona area. MAP Strathcona was recognized with a 2018 Business Improvement Association of BC Best in the West Award for Downtown Leadership and Management Excellence, with judges noting “it was an incredibly well executed project, highly impressive strategies, tactics and outcomes.” Since its completion, MAP Strathcona has supported the expansion of bike sharing in the neighbourhood, a new parking management pilot program administered by the City of Vancouver, and is being used to support new development plans currently underway in the neighbourhood.