Metro Vancouver Resilient Region Strategic Framework

Client: Metro Vancouver
Dates: 2020-2021

Metro Vancouver engaged EcoPlan to help with the development of a framework to support and guide the incorporation of resiliency and equity into all their work. The purpose of the framework is to improve the institutional capacity of Metro Vancouver to manage change, including supporting ongoing work to address climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts, improve decision processes, advance reconciliation, social equity, and contribute towards a vision of a vibrant and forward-looking economy.

The framework had five core components:

  • A working definition of resilience to guide the development of the framework
  • A working definition for social equity to carry forward into the framework
  • Initial guiding principles, objectives, and actions for consideration
  • Staff analysis of shocks and stresses facing Metro Vancouver
  • Potential threats to the successful implementation of the framework


Through the use of Structured Decision Support, EcoPlan developed over 30 actions that could be used to support the core components of the framework. These actions are part of the six key values identified through engagement with Metro Vancouver: Reconciliation, Equity, Sustainability, Integration, Evidence-based, and Proactive. These values were used to identify the goals of where Metro Vancouver envisioned itself to be with the framework. Objectives were outlined to meet the goals, and the subsequent actions were developed to fit into the defined objectives.