Surrey Biodiversity Conservation Strategy

Surrey Biodiversity Conservation Strategy Date: 2012 EcoPlan, in partnership with Diamond Head Consulting, developed the City of Surrey’s leading edge Biodiversity Conservation Strategy (BCS). The work was built on past planning initiatives, including the Ecosystem Management Study and Surrey’s Sustainability Charter. The results of this project informed large scale community planning, as well as secondary plans and regulatory […]

Solid Waste Management Planning (Philippines)

Solid Waste Management Planning (Philippines) Date: 1996=1997 Working with CIDA, the Canadian Urban Institute and the Philippines National Government, EcoPlan developed a multi-stakeholder approach to solid waste management. Our team examined all aspects of an integrated solid waste management strategy using an approach that has since been widely adopted and implemented around the world.  

One West Hastings Centre Development

One West Hastings Centre Development Date: 2004-2007 Working with private sector partners and the PHS Community Services Society, a major service provider in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, EcoPlan was involved in the management of a $6 million proposal to redevelop a strategic heritage building as a multi-tenant facility featuring both non-profit and private sector tenants.  EcoPlan […]

Musqueam Self-Governance Public Engagement

Musqueam Self-Governance Public Engagement Date: 2010-2011 EcoPlan was retained by Musqueam to assist with public engagement efforts around their self-governance initiatives. Musqueam is entering into bilateral negotiations with the federal government in order to formulate a self-governance framework that will determine a new relationship between the Nation and Canada. Key issues include Musqueam jurisdiction over […]

Metro Vancouver Consultation and Community Relations Services

Metro Vancouver Consultation and Community Relations Services Date: 2014-present In mid-2014 EcoPlan was selected for a standing offer with Metro Vancouver’s Liquid Waste Services and Water Services departments to provide on-going, and as-needed engagement and planning support services. To date, this work has included First Nations engagement, document review and development, and most recently a […]

Thunder Bay Pedestrian and Cyclist Wayfinding Strategy Engagement

Thunder Bay Pedestrian and Cyclist Wayfinding Strategy Engagement Client: City of Thunder Bay Engagemen Dates: 2017 – 2018 EcoPlan is working with Alta Planning + Design and Applied Wayfinding on the City of Thunder Bay’s Pedestrian and Cycling Wayfinding Plan, which will result in a system of signs and maps that will help people find […]

Islands Trust First Nations Consultation Strategy

Islands Trust First Nations Consultation Strategy Date: 2012 EcoPlan worked with the Islands Trust First Nations Task Force to identify priorities that could be used as the basis for a First Nations Consultation Strategy.  Over the course of two meetings the Task Force worked through a deliberative and structured process based on EcoPlan’s four-phase, ten-step […]

Future of Driving Forum

Future of Driving Forum Date: 2016 EcoPlan was contracted by TransLink to facilitate the last in a series of regional planning discussion forums on the Future of Driving – an initiative to explore how a number of emerging social and technological trends may affect the regional mobility in the future. To help participants (primarily regional […]

First Nations Engagement in the Capital Regional District’s Regional Sustainability Strategy

First Nations Engagement in the Capital Regional District’s Regional Sustainability Strategy Date: 2013-2016 The Capital Regional District (CRD) is in the process of updating its Regional Growth Strategy to a Regional Sustainability Strategy (RSS), which will have a stronger emphasis on regional economic, social and environmental sustainability. Recognizing that the success of regional planning requires […]

Carrall Street Greenway Sustainability Forum

Carrall Street Greenway Sustainability Forum Date: 2005-2006 EcoPlan staff managed a key component of the public process for Carrall street greenway, which connects and completes Vancouver’s seawall by allowing pedestrians and cyclists to move from Burrard Inlet to False Creek. The Ideas Forum provided a venue for over 150 Downtown Eastside residents, property owners, community […]

Britannia Renewal Engagement

Britannia Renewal Engagement Date: 2016+ EcoPlan is working with a larger project team led by Urban Arts Architecture to develop a Master Plan for Britannia Community Services Centre and the large 18-acre site in East Vancouver’s Commercial Drive neighbourhood. EcoPlan is leading public engagement for the community-guided project, which will result in a plan for […]

BC Hydro – Site C – Technical Advisory Committee Support

BC Hydro – Site C – Technical Advisory Committee Support Date: 2009 Working with Compass Resource Management, EcoPlan provided support for several of the technical advisory committees assembled to guide analysis and decision making related to BC Hydro’s Peace River ‘Site C’ project. This work was carried out as part of the second stage of […]

Metro Stanley Park Consultation

Metro Stanley Park Consultation Date: 2016 EcoPlan worked with Metro Vancouver to develop a consultation and engagement startegy around the design and implementation of a new water main.

Euchelon SEA Review

Euchelon SEA Review Date: 2015 EPI, on behalf of the First Nations Fisheries Council, conducted a technical review of DFO’s A Socio-Economic Analysis of the Potential Impacts of Adding Two Endangered Eulachon as part of the Species at Risk Act. The DFO report responds to a regulatory order that was triggered by the need for […]

Snohomish, Washington Watershed Plan

Snohomish, Washington Watershed Plan Date: 1991 EcoPlan provided support to a major public process devoted to developing a watershed plan for Snohomish Basin, which includes Seattle, Everett and many outlying rural communities. EcoPlan initially provided training to staff in the use of decision-aiding tools and public process alternatives. Following this, EcoPlan provided on-going consulting support, […]