“Rebuilding Our Future” Kayutuuxtxin Tanagnangin Igayuusalix angagiimchin agnaxtxichin – St George Alaska Local Economic Development Strategy

Summary of Results


Rebuilding our Future Kayutuuxtxin Tanagnangin Igayuusalix angagiimchin agnaxtxichin is a local Economic Development (LED) strategy, created by EcoPlan in partnership with the Unangan community of St. George, Alaska. Rebuilding our Future is far more encompassing than many municipal economic development efforts. The strategy blends healing, culture, Traditional Knowledge, and environmental resilience, while providing actions for the short, medium, and long term for economic vitality.  Detailed economic analysis was integrated with the values and knowledge of the Unangan people to outline a creative, sustainable and economically diverse future.

One unique component of this project was the community engagement undertaken, which included 80% of the St. George households and 23 supporting organizations. Many methods were used to get the community involved, from one-on-one engagement such informal intercept interviews – basically meeting them in spaces they frequent – to bringing surveys to their homes. On-line engagement was also popular with on-line surveys and cell-phone friendly feedback channels.